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Mat, Meet Towel. Introducing the all-in-one
eQua Hot Yoga Mat

3 artists, 2 of our best products,1 amazing mat.
A match made in hot yoga heaven.
eQua towel technology meets eKO natural rubber core.
Available for all your sweatiest endeavors
Sweat Activated Grip
A super soft microfiber top improves your grip the wetter it gets.
Rubber Foundation
The perfect balance between soft and supportive.
Non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber is good for you and our planet.
Limited-edition designs make your mat one in a million.
Equa hot yoga mat
Emily Quandahl
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Her Flow: "The movement of water plays a large role in all of my work - the way it carries the color and settles in a unique pattern each time. I try to let go and allow the paint to do what it wants."
Ashley Mary
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
On Process: "My process is fluid, inspired, playful and exploratory - and I see that same spirit come out when I'm practicing yoga."
Brent Broza
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Inspired By: "The artist Mark Rothko. I love the way he uses landscape and color field style of painting."
eQua + eKO
Because some like it hot.
The eQua Fabric
Don’t sweat it when it comes to sweat. The eQua fabric is a super soft microfiber that’s absorbent, quick drying and durable. When wet, it becomes exceptionally slip-resistant.
The eKO Core
A natural choice for you and the environment. All eKO mats are comfortably cushioned, high performing and made from sustainably harvested tree rubber.
Hey, Good Lookin’ We asked some of our favorite artists to use our first ever hot yoga mat as a canvas. The result? A mat we would totally hang on our wall.