5 Tips For An Effective At Home Practice

Aug 25 , 2020

Anton Cronje

5 Tips For An Effective At Home Practice

As you continue to remain safe at home, we hope you're finding moments to reflect and connect with loved ones in new ways. Spring is officially here — a welcome transition and time of rebirth and renewal. While we may not be able to frequent the outdoors as often, there are simple ways to connect and remind yourself of the things you have to be grateful for right in your own home. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few ideas to enhance home practice. 

  1. Set your intention. Whether it be to finally nail that inversion, destress after working from home all day or simply increase the days per week you practice -- get clear on what the main goal is for your practice.

     Make space in your home. A designated room or area in your house can serve as a sanctuary for your home practice. Live in a small apartment? No sweat. We suggest bringing in a plant or lighting a candle to help shift the energy from living space to practice studio. 

  2. Commit to a schedule. Setting aside a short window the same time each day (or every other day) will help you stay on track. 

  3. Invest in a quality mat. Not all mats are created equal and if you truly want to dig deeper into your practice, limiting distractions with a good mat will make a world of difference. 

  4. Quiet your inner critic. Dedicate a few minutes in the beginning of each practice for positive self-talk.

We understand that remaining focused at home, without the external motivation of a teacher or a room full of people can be difficult. We suggest opening a window (weather permitting) and allowing a fresh breeze to come through, adding an essential oil diffuser or lighting a candle to help shift your focus and the mood of the room you’re in. Accept this chance to connect to your breath and your body. And, if you still need a helping hand streaming a class online is a great way to start.