Things You Didn’t Know About Yoga

Aug 21 , 2020

Anton Cronje

Things You Didn’t Know About Yoga

Today is about educating ourselves on the origins of yoga. To delve deep into the history and meaning of this practice and take it out of the studio to see how it has changed our lives and world.

To get you started on your journey, here are a few Did You Know facts and topics from yoga teachers across Europe.

The education of a yogi never stops.

"Yoga tradition doesn't measure human life by number of years but number of breaths. The ancients yogis say that we each have 21,600 breaths per day. So it's important that we use our breath wisely both on and off the mat." Whit Hornsberger - Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Teacher - Spain @whit_hornsberger 

"Meditation positively influences both genders. Especially women show a decrease in negative thinking, guilt, irritability and greater increase in self-compassion & mindfulness." Sara Ticha - Yoga & Meditation Teacher - Prague, Czech Republic @sarahticha 

"The meaning of the word yoga - union - is also fundamental to the practice of Acro yoga dance, where we explore the union of the two mind body and spirit. Like yoga the best way to enhance unity with your partner is to slow down and synchronise breath. With patience and connection amazing things become possible." Eugene Butcher - Acro Yoga Coach & Co-Founder of Acro Yoga Dance - London, UK @acroyogacoach 

“In Mysore - India - on this day (21st of June) people host something called Mala which is a moving meditation that brings together hundreds of thousands of people to practice 108 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) to honour the sun which is the creator of all life forces.” Sita Sunar - Yoga Teacher - Amsterdam, The Netherlands @sitasunar

"When using yogic breath we are not trying to oxygenate ourselves better as our blood is already oxygenated. What we are trying to do is relearn how to tolerate carbon dioxide which allows us to absorb the oxygen into our tissue and brains better." Wibbs Coulson - Vinyasa, Yin Yoga Teacher & Movement Therapist - Ipswich, UK @wib_yoga 

"The flow state of mind is a moving meditation that we can experience on the mat during our practice. In this special state of mind, all problems and negative energies just fall away, creating space for lightness, peace and happiness." Michela Maltoni - Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher - Rome, Italy @michela.trainer 

"The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root, yoke, join, or harness together. Traditionally that meant the union between individual consciousness with universal consciousness or harmony between a person and nature." Wen-Chuan Dai - Vinyasa & Rocket Yoga Teacher - London, UK @yogetoverit 

"Tapas is the Sanskrit word for discipline which involves some kind of sacrifice. In Spanish this is a small portion of food or a snack eaten before the main meal, it involves enjoyment and fun. The opposite of the Sanskrit meaning. Practice with discipline & compromise but with joy and fun so that you make the most of your yoga journey." Almudena Sanchez - Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher - Madrid, Spain @almudena_yogalife 

"Practicing yoga in silence helps to increase your physical awareness to get better results in a faster way." Aiguste Karaliunaite - Yoga Teacher - Vilnius, Lithuania @aiyogafitness